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Thing You Should Know When You Are Shopping For Granite Counter Tops


Granite countertops are associated with expensive houses. Today these countertops have become very popular in most homes. Granite countertops are a good indicator that the homeowner has a sense of style. The granite countertops are very classy and exquisite. When you decide to shop for the granite countertops there are a couple things which you are supposed to know. This is because not all the countertops are created to be of the same quality.


You need to know the difference between machine fabricated and handmade granite. Granite can be worked on either by machine or by hand. A handmade crafted one is of more quality than a machine one. The handmade one is of better quality. The machine fabricated one is faster, but it does not have well-finished edges. Companies that use machines will wax the rough edges from machine-made granite counters. The problem with this is that the wax is going to wear off eventually. This, however, is only based on how the company works and their credibility. When the wax wears off over some time, it will be cheap to replace it. There are also other companies where the granite is fabricated by the machines, but they have their employees hand polish the edges. This will ensure that the product you have is of very high quality. When you want to buy from any company make sure you familiarise yourself with how the material you want to buy is made. Click here for some facts.


The other thing you should know is about the installation. There are stores who do not install the countertops for you. They just supply the granite counter tops from to other stores. This means that before you shop make sure that you ask the shop about the services that they offer.


The other thing you need to look into is the seams. The seams are the lines where one stone meets the other stone; there are granite tops that are fabricated individually then assembled. There are others which are fabricated oppositely. The edges look way better if the countertops are constructed first. For the countertops the more the craftsmanship, the more expensive they are. The thickness of the countertops is also very important this is because for kitchen application you will need thick granite. For the bathroom ones, they can be thin because not much work is done on them. The thinner the counter, the less expensive it is. For further details regarding Granite Countertops, go to